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  DocuMeeting is an interactive collaboration tool which helps you share documents and collaborate with people over the world. It's ideal for users who want to extend internet call for business, education and collaboration in real time.  
Skype/Google Hangout/...    
  DocuMeeting can be used with internet call such as Skype. It works with any internet call programs so that  users can use DocuMeeting quickly and easily with their VoIP tool.  
   » Real time document sharing
 » Full-featured whiteboard
 » Co-viewing and co-markup
 » Multimedia contents sharing
Online Business Meeting  
  You can have a business meeting remotely while sharing documents in real time. DocuMeeting allows you to share most documents in the meeting.  
Online Engineering Collaboration  
  DocuMeeting has a built-in CAD viewer so that you can share and review your drawings directly with people in real time. It supports engineering drawings such as DWG, DXF, DWF and TiF.  
Online Education  
  DocuMeeting is the best tool for online education. DocuMeeting allows to share various contents directly such as documents, drawings, audio files and YouTube videos.  
Online Presentation  
  In DocuMeeting, the shared document is synchronized and Presenter can control the document properly.  

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