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Share CAD drawings for collaboration

» Supporting AutoCAD DWG, DXF, DWF and tiff

» CAD component is embedded for viewing

» Dynamic zooming and navigation is allowed

» Display 3D View(wireframe)


Co-viewing in real time  

» Presenter's drawing navigation is synchronized with others

» Layer control(ON/OFF) is applied to all at once

» Presenter's change of 3D View is followed automatically by all

» Layout(page) change is also synchronized in real time

Co-markup on the shared drawing  

» Participants can create markups on the drawing

» Pre-made symbols are provided for convenience

» Fully editable markup entities

» Various properties of markup entities

» Markup entities are allowed to show or hide


Capture and share the screen  

» Area/Application/Desktop

» The screen is captured and shared at once


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