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» DocuMeeting Standard






 DocuMeeting Standard

1 month



 DocuMeeting Standard

3 months



 DocuMeeting Standard

6 months



 DocuMeeting Standard

1 year



  • DocuMeeting Standard can host a meeting without session limit.
  • The license will be changed to Personal automatically when expired.
  • DocuMeeting Standard can have up to 5 participants.
  • The license activation is required to use DocuMeeting in other systems.
  • Attendees don't need to get the Standard license.
  • The prices listed above are subject to change without notice.

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DocuMeeting licenses may be securely purchased online by credit card from ShareIt( As soon as your credit card is approved, you will get a license activation key by email.

Participant's DocuMeeting has the features of DocuMeeting Personal, but not those of DocuMeeting Standard(host). The full features of DocuMeeting Standard is allowed to only licensed users.

Keep the Activation key safely. In order to use DocuMeeting in other systems, activation process is required again with the activation key.




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